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Mental models, tools, and frameworks designed for you to live a powerful life free from your past trauma.

In this online course, we will use a holistic approach to trauma, incorporating theories from Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Buddhism, Gestalt Therapy, and more, to explore the negative mental models that have been weighing us down and break free from them. You will learn how to create a life where you are not a victim of your past trauma, but the architect of your future. Here are some topics and techniques we will cover in this course:

  • Reflect on the facts and impact of trauma in your daily life

  • Redefine our relationship with the word victim

  • Develop mindfulness practices and grounding exercises to handle triggers

  • Detox from unhealthy habits and behaviors

  • Explore how to be mindful in sex and relationships

  • Craft a creative and powerful life you love every single day

This course has a strong focus on handling trauma related to sexual assault and rape, but the techniques covered are applicable to many types of trauma.

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Learn an introduction to Zero Waste Living and how to take small steps towards reducing your waste.

In this mini-course we will cover the following topics:

  • A global context of trash and sustainability

  • What is Zero Waste?

  • Awareness and mindfulness towards your trash consumption

  • Simple switches in daily habits to decrease your carbon footprint

  • A primer on minimalist living

  • How to do a personal trash audit

  • Mindset shifts for decreasing waste everyday

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