Zero Waste Nomad

I thought a lot had changed when I wrote my last post. But I had no idea what was about to unfold in the month after I wrote it. My plans have shifted pretty dramatically since then. I don’t want to go into detail here, but Ethan and I’s trip got cancelled. We are no longer in a romantic relationship, but we are still best friends. This is extremely difficult, but I am beyond grateful for the time we shared as partners over the past 2 years. We have both grown in ways we could not have imagined. I also am seeing how much our stigma our society puts on what a breakup is supposed to look like. The day we broke up, I told Ethan I wanted it to be the first day of a new chapter in our relationship called Friendship. We spent the whole day reflecting on how much love we have for each other, favorite memories during our relationship, eating delicious food, and expressing gratitude for having met one another. As I travel, I miss him in so many ways, especially in the places that I expected to be with him in. When I get really sad, I try to not push away these feelings, but instead accept and acknowledge them. Then I let them go and decide what I want to create for myself today. I also found grounding techniques extremely helpful when I was saying goodbye to him and the flight out. It’s so simple, but noticing and naming the colors and shapes of objects in the room helped bring me back to the present moment.

In this present moment, I’m spending 2 weeks in Lisbon, then 1 week in Malta, then 2 weeks at Plum Village (a monastery Thich Nhat Hanh started in France). I’m flying back to NY for my best friend Abi’s annual murder mystery party and Halloween. Because I love Halloween. And my main intention right now is listen to my intuition, slow down, and do things I love each day. I don’t have any plans after October 28. I am thinking about going to Chiang Mai and taking a Dressmaking course for 3 months. My main focus is on learning about sustainability and design thinking.

In an immersive effort to do that, I just got back from a retreat on a farm called CoProject, a brain spa for creative optimists. I took a Circular Economy workshop for 3 days and it blew my mind.


The farm was entirely Zero Waste and all the food we ate was grown 5 feet away from the dining table. One of the activities was a cooking challenge, where I learned how to make fresh pasta. It turned out amaazing.


I am still processing everything I learned, but my biggest takeaway is that I’m going to pick back up with my Zero Waste philosophy while I travel. I started 2 days ago, and it feels so good. I did research on local bulk shops, farmers markets, flea markets, and second hand stores. I already visited 3 different places and there is something so beautiful about seeing how and what other cultures eat. Grocery stores fascinate me. Today I found yogurt in a glass jar! I was beyond excited, because I have never seen this in America.

I’m looking forward to writing here more frequently and sharing about my new adventure as a Zero Waste Nomad.