Quest Mindset

So I just returned from Fairway, the Union Square Farmer's Market, and EONS Greek Food. Here are all the delicious goodies I picked up. I think my grand total was around $45 (not pictured is $6 goat cheese and 1 pound of red lentils). I stocked up on chickpeas, lentils, and rice so that I won't need to go back next week for a refill. 

The biggest win of today was getting hummus, baba ganoush, and pita chips in bulk from EONS! And I got it all for $5.17.  They have the best smoky baba ganoush and I've been out of hummus for almost a week, so going through some chickpea withdrawal over here.


I also realized I can start sharing photos of my food on my desk rather than my kitchen because there is much better lighting. While laying these out, I realized that I want to just keep all my fresh produce on the desk because it looks so beautiful and colorful. I hadn't known what to put up there for a while, so I am very excited to start seeing my food as art.


Overall, this week I am feeling a lot more confident in my Zero Waste shopping capabilities. I switched to ziplock bags (that my mom brought me filled with nuts when she visited) instead of mason jars which made the process so much easier. That way I didn't need to fill a produce bag and then dump it into my mason jar precariously like I did last week. 

On my walk to the grocery store I was reflecting on how much my perception of grocery shopping has shifted since starting this experiment. I can't express to you how much I used to dread going to Trader Joes or Fairway because of my anxiety there. Now, I was looking forward to my grocery trip all week.

I realized that what I love so much about this year long challenge (and especially this month), is that it puts me in a Quest Mindset. I came up with this term earlier this week and it embodies the idea that I am always learning, questing for new information, and on the hunt for adventure. When I travel, I am in a Quest Mindset. When I learn a new language and am immersed in it (like when I studied in France), I am in a Quest Mindset. Now, I have a Quest Mindset while living in New York.