Learning + Unlearning

I had a crazy week (in a fun way) so I haven’t made it a priority to blog. However, I’m very excited for this update post! It’s been 9 days since I’ve gone Zero Waste. Here are a list of things I’ve learned so far and experiences I had:

  • I went dumpster diving in the Plant District with my mom (a great sentence I never thought I would say). We scored free Eucalyptus before they kicked us out because the dumpster kept rolling.
  • I LOVE my mini bamboo spork. It’s so easy to carry in my fanny pack everywhere and comes in handy pretty much everyday.
  • Mason Jars > Tupperware. They never leak and can be used as a bowl on the go or take home container for leftovers. I went to a bodega with a hot bar and got some Pesto Pasta while running to an event. They were very confused, but made it work!
  • How to use an Instant Pot.
  • How to make the most delicious Red Lentil, Carrot, Ginger, Tumeric soup in 10 minutes.
  • Getting a free loaf of bread and delicious croissant from Zaro’s bakery after asking them if they had anything they were going to throw away. They had just filled 2 massive trash bags with fresh baked goods that they were going to throw away. I plan to go back this weekend or next week and speak to a manager to see if there is a way I can help them donate these.
  • I found goat’s milk greek yogurt in a glass jar!
  • I am working towards getting a community garden started in my building and applying for compost pickup.
  • It feels like I’m on a diet against my will and I have started craving foods! Because I am eating pretty much only healthy, whole foods, I find myself missing certain flavors, sugars, and processed foods (AKA: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups).
  • Handkerchiefs are way better than tissues. I’m the kind of person who has the sniffles even if I’m not sick, so using handkerchiefs are so much softer than normal tissues and I can just throw them in the wash or hand wash super easy.
  • I can freeze bread in a kitchen towel instead of a plastic bag

Here are some things I haven’t figured out yet that I’m struggling with

  • How to get Almond Milk. I said I was going to make Oat milk, but I just haven’t had the time. I just ran out of Almond milk yesterday and might go on a hunt today to buy some in a glass jar
  • What can be recycled? Can I just buy a normal Almond Milk container and recycle the carton? Or is that not Zero Waste…
  • How to have a regular composting schedule for my office. I missed this week's drop off time near my office and just took home the bin and will compost it at Union Square today or tomorrow.
  • How much groceries I should buy at once (this was a question I had before going Zero Waste too).

Something I have really enjoyed is the conversations that going Zero Waste has sparked each day. Whether it is a friend or stranger, I find that asking for a real plate instead of a plastic one or if I can get my receipt emailed immediately sparks a meaningful discussion. I am unlearning so much that I thought to be true.