Present and Grateful

I went to the farmers market yesterday! I got 4 apples, a type of kale I’ve never seen before (that had much thinner stems), and eggs. Later, I went to a small health store that had a nice little bulk section in the back. I got red lentils, brown rice, hemp seeds and chia seeds all for $9.  They even have a machine that makes fresh peanut butter and almond butter instantly. I will be coming back very shortly to experiment with that!


In the evening, I played board games with my friends at the Google office. Snacking there was fun because they have a few bulk options (nuts, veggie chips, grapes, etc) in their micro-kitchen and they compost! It has been so much fun so far becoming incredibly aware of each piece of food or product I consume, the mindfulness that has been brought to each action makes me feel very present and grateful.