Natural Response

I only have 10 days left in the challenge! This week felt pretty easy. I made the carrot ginger lentil soup again and have been feasting off that. I made pasta later last week as well. My favorite thing I made this week was a replica of a dish at The Smile, which is a baked egg dish. I fried 2 eggs and cooked them in tomato sauce with some thyme. Then I topped it with avocado and ate it with a slice of sourdough bread. Pure heaven. I usually pay $14 to eat that same dish, and this tasted just as great (if not better since I was so proud of myself for making it!).  

I feel very confident in my ability to cook tasty food and feed myself easily during this Zero Waste challenge. I never had this sense of security in my home or kitchen, so feels rewarding. Knowing that I have simple ingredients in my cabinet feels wonderful, and I just need to pick up 2 vegetables on Sundays to start my week.


I also made a mistake and ordered tea from a regular cup at Argo Tea. I never order coffee or tea and I totally blanked that I can't have the disposable coffee cup. Yay for learning! 

I switched to a natural deodorant this week as well.  I've always thought of natural products as for hippy-dippy people, but I now feel that I just want to live simply, and natural is the word for that. I'm testing a deodorant crystal and it's working great! I smell like nothing (even after rock climbing). It's not an anti-perspirant, so I still sweat, but honestly it feels kind of nice to let my body have this natural response. 


I have felt myself slipping further from calm quite a lot the past 2 weeks though. I want to be checking my phone or computer constantly, an impulse I was working quite hard to not indulge while I was in Asia. As a result, I decided next months challenge will be Less Stress. This means I will be meditating for 30 minutes each day, something I have never done. I’ve only meditated for 30 minutes about twice in my life, so I am really looking forward to this!