Day 2 has gone swimmingly! Before 8:30am I steamed broccoli and sweet potatoes and meal prepped for this weekend. I made a hodgepodge of a lunch which included leftover quinoa and lentils mixed with sweet potatoes, a side of refried beans and a side of broccoli. It was shockingly good when I mixed the refried beans into the quinoa (because I still don’t really like quinoa). I also made a green smoothie with kale, frozen banana, leftover apple bits, ginger, and lemon.

Last night I soaked my newly purchased bulk beans in a bunch of water and tonight I cooked them with garlic (for 1.5 hours!). I also ordered an Instant Pot (used on ebay) because I’m realizing that cooking beans can’t consume 2 hours of my life and be sustainable. I also did some research and am prepping to make oat milk, which is different than my norm of almond milk but seems to be a lot more cost effective and higher in fiber and protein. I’m planning to to the 4th street Co-op tomorrow, but it’s currently very rainy, windy and snowy so I’m hoping the weather will clear up.


Key takeaways from today are that cooking can be simple and fun! I have always thought of cooking as needing a complex recipe and tons of ingredients. I realizing that deconstructing the recipe down to the whole, fresh foods can be super tasty and easy. I also cleaned out a bunch of unused snacks from my pantry and made this insane trail mix featuring popcorn, pumpkin seeds, the bits of tortilla chips that I usually throw away, chocolate chips, and broken up pretzels. It tastes amazing. I am very excited to have a space for creativity in the kitchen, a room that usually brought dread and fear to my life before this year!