I’m officially halfway through the challenge! I like doing these weekly updates, they make running this a lot more manageable (and I have a lot to report each time)! So let’s go:

  • I made fresh almond milk

  • I got Johnny Rockets zero waste. I was having a tough day and really needed a peanut butter chocolate milkshake.

  • I made fresh squeezed orange juice to use up oranges that weren’t being eaten

  • I gave away a ton of non-perishable (including my trailmix I previously posted) + freezer food and feminine hygiene products on Craigslist that had been sitting in my cabinets. This was probably the biggest highlight of my week. I tried using this food sharing app called Olio that you post free food on and people can pick it up, but it's such a small user base that no one did. So I figured I could try Craigslist! I got a response from about 15 people in an hour. I gave it to a woman who said that she had just paid rent and they are broke for this week until her next paycheck. This was her response afterward:

Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 9.23.14 AM.png
  • I meal prepped for the week

  • I ate my trash bread that I put in the freezer and it was delicious! Update from Zaro's: I went back last night and asked if they would be throwing away anything tonight and the manager said they actually donate it to For Harvest which will give it to homeless people. I told him about his other location throwing away food last week and he said that he is going to speak with them and make sure it doesn't happen again!

  • I’ve been loving doing the dishes as a morning meditation practice. It makes me slow down and breathe.

This has been a really nice week. Zero Waste is getting easier and making me realize how simple it can be. A few small changes have made a dramatic difference. Carrying around my bamboo sport, handkerchiefs, 1 small produce bag, and a mason jar pretty much allow me to do whatever I want. I have also started to learn how to do things I would never imagined, like making my own almond milk! After I run out of this batch, I am going to try to go without almond milk until the rest of the month to see if I truly need it. I definitely plan to continue carrying these things after this month!