March: Zero Waste Month

I feel like it’s my first day of school today! It was Day 1 of my Zero Waste Challenge and I have been looking forward to it for 2 months. After hours of research, crafting, and carefully shopping for supplies, I kicked off this month long adventure.

Today went great. It is exactly what I thought:  a challenge. I accidentally blew my nose in a tissue while teaching today (instead of in my handkerchief), which made me realize how much of a reflex that has become. I also fight the urge to use a paper towel in the bathroom every single time, even though I can easily wipe my hands off on my sweater or air dry. I feel like New York is suddenly a friendlier place. I talk to each human I interact with before rather than following the normal conveyer belt style shopping experience. 

I brought in extra ceramic plates, utensils, and bowls to my office to share with my coworkers and bought an extra composting bin for my work that I will keep up with. It already is getting plenty of love (aka trash)!


I went grocery shopping and got all the delicious food pictured above for $21 at Fairway. I am currently soaking 1 cup of beans (something I’ve never cooked from scratch), which I plan to make tomorrow. I’ll be heading to the farmers market and food co-op this weekend to get some more fresh goodies!

It feels so simple. I feel like with the less waste I produce, the lighter I feel. 1 year ago, I used to have major anxiety any time I went to a grocery store. It was a trigger for me to be in crowded spaces, so I would try to rush through the store as fast as possible wanting to escape the claustrophobia. Fast forward to the present moment and I've been looking forward to grocery shopping all week. I went slowly, examined each item I put in my bag, had a carefully thought out shopping list, and left with a smile.