Less Competition

My whole life has been a competition. I have been trying to beat everything and everyone that surrounds me. From my best friend to my mom, no human can be my equal. I must be smarter, better, faster, stronger. This is something I have always accepted and made part of my identity. I laugh when my best friend refuses to tell me how many steps she has taken in a day upon my request because she jokingly knows that I will make it a contest. I have always thrived in this world.

But recently, I have noticed this isn’t working for me. My fierce, competitive nature is not suiting me like it used to. It served as a way of protecting myself and become a stronger, less naive version of myself. And it served its purpose, but now it is time to pause.

I am deciding to play a new game. A game where if you win, I win. We are all winners together, rather than me vs. the world. I get a point when you get a point. In this game, I can stop being excited when “I’m right” and “You’re wrong.” I am going to embrace less competition, making space for more love and joy.