The 4 Day Rule

So far and I’ve noticed myself applying lessons from my No Spend month here already. There are night markets filled with cheap, beautiful dresses, bags, and handmade goods everywhere. As I walk through the street, I find myself naturally gravitating towards these gorgeous prints. I want to impulsively purchase a $5 dress. But then I pause and think about if this is a dress I could see myself wearing 4 days a week. That is my new litmus test for purchasing an item. Would I want to wear this half the week? If yes, think about it and maybe come back tomorrow to get it. If no, great!

This trip has been an awesome way to experiment with a uniform. I have a day outfit, and a night outfit. I wear athletic shorts and a white tank top during the day and a black dress at night so the day outfit can dry after handwashing. It’s been amazing, I feel great in what I wear each day and I spend no time considering an alternative. I am very excited to downsize my wardrobe even further upon returning home.