Minimal Travel Recap

As I pack my belongings for the 40 hours of travel we are about to embark on to return home, I am thinking back on these past few weeks. It has been an incredibly journey for both Ethan and I. We have grown so much, so quickly. My minimal travel mindset was so enjoyable. I purchased only 2 items on this trip (1 pair of elastic sandals and 1 pair of Ssian style overalls).

I noticed 2 major difference in myself and my actions on this trip because of minimalism.

  1. I practiced shopping meditation. When I went to Asia last time, I was obsessed with the night markets. This time, rather than feeling the impulse to purchase any floral or elephant printed pattern I spotted, meditated as I walked the markets or malls. I would start breathing slowly and thinking about how these items were made, how long they would last, and how often I would use it if I purchased it.

  2. I didn’t collect anything. Issued to collect tons of paper items for keepsakes when I traveled. This trip, that desire vanished. I wanted to appreciate the present moment more than I wanted to collect it for a future past memory. This meant I barely took any photos as well. My filter for taking a photo would be, “Can I find a photo of this on the internet?” If the answer was yes, I don’t need to take my own photo. I found this to be very liberating as well.

These shifts feel liberating mentally and physically. I am feeling more centered and blissful than before leaving America, and very excited to return home.

Speaking of home, I learned a new meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh, “Your body is your first home. Breathing in, I arrive in my body. Breathing out, I am home." The idea is to feel cozy, and centered at any time. I find this very helpful while traveling. I am present in this moment, and looking forward to starting my Zero Waste March shortly!