Daily Digital Detox

I am feeling so much better than the last time I wrote. Yesterday, I made my own digital detox. I had Ethan set an alarm for a mystery time on my phone for when I should check my phone (so we could coordinate meeting). Then I didn’t use any technology until that time (turned out to be 3pm). I sat by the pool, I read an entire book, I journaled, I meditated, I sang. My favorite thing I did was made 7 lists:

  1. Things I need to donate when I get home (jeans, slow cooker, unused art supplies)

  2. Things I need to make or purchase in prep for Zero Waste March (compost bucket, bamboo utensils)

  3. Things in NYC I want to experience (botany classes, meditation retreat in the Rockaways)

  4. Things in my capsule wardrobe (15 total)

  5. Rules for a daily digital detox (before 9am, after 7pm)

  6. What home time is for during digital detox (writing, meditation, reiki, reading)

  7. Things I need to take care of for work

I decided on a new daily digital detox practice where I must have at least 3 hours without internet. I am going to unplug my router when I return home and remove my desk from my room as well. This will force me to stop watching TV and actually have the mental space to become refreshed. I have a community room 1 floor above me with wifi that I can easily go to do work in case of emergency.

I also decided that I am going to only check my email twice per day at 10am and 3pm. I started this immediately by turning off my email notifications to my phone. I have a hypothesis I will develop a state of flow during Inbox Hour and be much more productive. For example, yesterday when I finally got on my computer, I got to Inbox 0 for the first time in my life.

The mental space that is being freed up with this daily detox feel like a weight lifted off my hunched over shoulders.