February- Minimal Travel

Here is a look inside my backpack to see everything that I'll be carrying for the next 3 weeks.


I also have an Eagle Creak fanny pack which I will be wearing instead of a purse. Switching to a fanny pack is the best decision ever. I never thought I would fall out of love with purses, considering I used to design them, but alas here I am. I find myself prioritizing bags that allow my body to be in equilibrium rather than slanting toward one direction. 

Packing for this trip was the easiest packing experience of my life. Growing up, I would dread packing. I never knew what to pack and would beg my mom to help me play tetris with my suitcase. There were usually many a meltdowns. Bottom line: it was not pretty. This time, I just grabbed a few of my favorite and lightest things. The things I wear the most in my wardrobe and that are so simple I can't get tired of them. There is extra room for a few treasures along the way. However, my mindset regarding these souveniers has shifted along with my packing style.

I have a treasure list. I have been to Asia before so I know myself and my love of necklaces, accessories, little trinkets. Carrying over some of my wisdom from my No Spend month, I am the hunt for 2 items for my wardrobe: 

  1. Harem Pants
  2. A dress

That's it. No souvenirs or gifts. I may mail friends or family postcards or take a beautiful photo that could be framed. For this trip, my gifts will be in memory.